A Brief History On Woodstock Festival

For 50 years, we’ve stewed with the cultural significance of the three-day peace and music blowout that was the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. It’s shorthand for the late ’60s and increasingly synonymous with a generation that redefined youth culture. It would be an impressive feat of self-seclusion or obliviousness to never have seen imagesContinue reading “A Brief History On Woodstock Festival”

Pune’s rising hip-hop talent – Ae Zed En

Azaan Alam aka Ae Zed En is an emerging hip-hop artist based out of Pune. He was exposed to hip-hop music at a very tender age through the likes of Eminem, Akon, 50 cent, The Notorious B.I.G and more. The influence of hip-hop music started bleeding into his school-work, and was supported by his motherContinue reading “Pune’s rising hip-hop talent – Ae Zed En”

ANC And Their Message Of Positivity In “Be Alright”

Mumbai-based three-piece outfit – ANC dropped their new track “Be Alright” along with an endearing music video in the first week of May. The single is their first release this year. It follows after their debut three-track EP – ‘Tell Me Everything’ and the other singles they released last year. ‘Be Alright’ is an easyContinue reading “ANC And Their Message Of Positivity In “Be Alright””

Rushikesh Nene writes new music with Duneheart

Baroda based singer-songwriter Rushikesh Nene has been making music for a while now. A quick visit to his SoundCloud page shows releases going 7 years back. Last month he released a new solo track along with a well produced video available on Youtube called ‘Broken Dreams’. The song is written and composed by Rushikesh NeneContinue reading “Rushikesh Nene writes new music with Duneheart”

Juman The Band – Breath of freshness in Indie Rock

Juman The Band is an indie soft rock duo composed of two brothers – Sagar and Sahil Chopra. An entrepreneur and a sound engineer respectively, the both of them claim to have a strong soul for music. They look to make simple yet meaningful music to connect with their listeners. Sagar and Sahil pursue musicContinue reading “Juman The Band – Breath of freshness in Indie Rock”


Started out as a personal blog by an Indie Artist himself, Global Music Space (GMS) is a platform born out of love for music and fresh sounds. With a vision to introduce the masses to a fresh soundscape through Innovative + Optimistic Ideas, GMS hopes to connect new independent artists all over the globe &Continue reading “ABOUT US”

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