“Haunslaa” by Vinod Krishnan

Chennai-bred singer and composer Vinod Krishnan released his independent single “Haunslaa” on August 28. The indie-pop song speaks about never giving up on your dream and having thecourage to seize the day. Written by Vinod and Anurag Mishra, and produced by Keshav Dhar, the song speaks to allcreators and independent artists who are continually hustlingContinue reading ““Haunslaa” by Vinod Krishnan”

Cross Affinity : Heavy, Djenty and Ambient

The first thing I couldn’t help but notice while listening to Cross Affinity’s ‘Changes’ was the lavish and focused mix. The thing with Prog Metal is, you’ve heard it. You know where it’s taking you. I’ve been waiting for some good progressive metal from within the country since a while and the search sort ofContinue reading “Cross Affinity : Heavy, Djenty and Ambient”

Anhad + Tanner Bring Forth A Global Sound Through Their Debut

Anhad + Tanner is a duo based out of two continents. Musician Anhad is New Delhi based and Tanner is based out of North Carolina. The duo brings together their individual inspirations in the most complimentary way – fusing the sounds of Asian underground and Indian electronica with contemporary jazz and western classical music. TheContinue reading “Anhad + Tanner Bring Forth A Global Sound Through Their Debut”

Heavy Metal Band Zygnema’s Music Video for ‘I Am Nothing’ Portrays the Atrocious Rape Culture going on in the Country.

Heavy/ Groove Thrash metal veterans, Zygnema’s  new single titled ‘I AM NOTHING’ is a heart wrecking music video that is nothing less than the truth forgotten or bypassed. The song takes a direct shot at this country’s rising and unstoppable rape culture. All we do is watch, read, share, show virtual support and forget. This directly equatesContinue reading “Heavy Metal Band Zygnema’s Music Video for ‘I Am Nothing’ Portrays the Atrocious Rape Culture going on in the Country.”

A Protest Song Against Child Labour

‘Aazadi Bachpan’ is a song by Mumbai based musician Vikas Shirsat. The song is a protest poetry. The protest is against child labour. It’s a demand for the freedom of their innocence, their right to education, healthcare and well being. Every child should have these fundamental and quite frankly basic human rights from political, civil,Continue reading “A Protest Song Against Child Labour”

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