Vidya Vox and Nucleya All Set to Discover and Collaborate with Upcoming Artists for BACARDÍ Sessions Season 4

From the launch in 2017, BACARDÍ Sessions has continued its commitment to indie artists and showcased incredible talent in the subsequent years. It has also supported these artists’ milestones, and brought the country some of its most beloved tracks. Now in season four, it’s all set to present artists across music, art and dance a chance to do what moves them and to collaborate with Nucleya and Vidya Vox.

The first season received an overwhelming response with over 2500 entries from musicians
across genres, and ever since, the platform has grown stronger every year. The second season brought popular and celebrated musicians Amit Trivedi, Benny Dayal and Mohini Dey onboard to guide, nurture and promote upcoming musicians with their tracks. BACARDÍ also continued their commitment to upcoming artists by supporting Ritviz’s debut album launch for ‘Ved.’ And the third season introduced the spirit of ‘Do What Moves You’ by giving artists and dancers a platform to express themselves freely through their art and feature in music videos for Ritviz’s track ‘Liggi’ and ‘Chalo Chalein’. With ‘Thandi Hawa’, Bacardi Sessions & Ritviz wanted to bring music lovers together to let loose and express themselves freely from the safety of their homes to get a chance to be featured in the official music video. Videos poured in from across the world of fans expressing their own unique talents, creativity and passion, all to the tune of the song. Ritviz announced season 4 on an Insta Live, while sharing his journey with the platform ever since ‘Udd Gaye’ became an instant hit. He was joined by Nucleya and Vidya Vox who discussed their personal journeys and the credibility of this platform and the huge opportunity it presents to the burgeoning talent in the country. Ritviz also opened up the stage to jam with budding artists live and express themselves through their music or art.

Looking forward to kick-starting Season 4, Nucleya said, “It was great fun launching the first
season of BACARDÍ Sessions and it’s been simply amazing to witness the platform’s
extraordinary journey ever since. Over the years, it has continued its commitment to upcoming indie talent, and given so many artists a platform to do what moves them and showcase their talent. This season, I’m thrilled to be a mentor and be tuned in to all the entries that we hope will come in. I’m really looking forward to an awesome collaboration! ”
“I have been following BACARDÍ Sessions from the first season and been in awe of the new
talent discovered and nurtured by them. India has such an abundance of talent and any chance we get to showcase talent, we should! This platform presents a massive opportunity for these artists to do what moves them & support them on their journeys. This year, as a mentor I feel a sense of responsibility, and hope to help bring out the best in these artists. It’s thrilling to be a part of the artists’ journeys & collaborate with them,” said Vidya Vox, while speaking of the platform.

Sameeksha Uniyal, Senior Brand Manager, Brand BACARDÍ, India & South-east Asia said,
“BACARDÍ has always been committed to independent music and providing budding indie artists a space to express themselves, come together & do what moves them. With every season, the platform has gotten bigger, better and stronger. This year, we continue the legacy by opening up the platform to all artists to encourage self-expression & showcase their talent. We simply can’t wait to see the incredible entries and the exciting collaborations in store for all us!” This season will see 2 incredible tracks & videos being launched by the winning artists, co- created with their respective mentors Nucleya and Vidya Vox.

All artists can share their entries tagging Vidya Vox, Nucleya with #BacardiSessions and #Dowhatmovesyou

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