Chirag Todi ft. Vrnda Dhar Latest Single: ‘Beyond Your Blues’ embraces the art-form of music.

Ahmedabad-based guitarist-composer, Chirag Todi is the founder member of the independent band ‘Heat sink’. On ‘Beyond Your Blues’, the 3rd single of his upcoming EP ‘Panodrama’, he’s collaborated with vocalist Vrnda Dhar (from band ‘The Revisit Project’), who also wrote lyrics and co-composed the melody.

Chirag composed the song as a chord-melody on guitar during the lockdown and asked Vrnda Dhar to sing it over as a sketch for online collaboration and then got it developed into a fully produced track over the year.

Other amazing indie artists behind making this beautiful song are Raag Sethi (the founder of Compass Box Studio) to produce the track, play bass and arrange it. Shivang Kapadia (who played drums), Prayag Barooah (from Guwahati) recorded a guitar solo from home, Kandarp Kavishwar played the keys at the studio. The song was then mixed and mastered by Protyay Chakraborty, Video conceptualizing and Direction by Tushar Kejrival, Art work by Nishad and Management by The Alt Bright.

‘Beyond Your Blues’ is completely flavoured by jazz-fusion with elements from pop and soul which is Chirag’s original style of creating music. While Chirag’s guitar work is unconventional with chord changes, his overall style sounds very clean and pleasing to ears. Whereas, Vrnda’s voice classification is a mix of jazzy and punchy and her singing style is definitely powerful!… if you don’t believe me, then replay the mv at 3:10 of the video. The song is very dynamic and expressive as each instrument was recorded live and played almost like an improvisation.

In my opinion, if you’re a jazz music lover then you can’t help falling in love with this beautifully experimented music video.

The song lyrics speak of artist dissatisfaction through the song. Chirag said to the sources that- the song is dedicated towards the indie music community. It’s extremely challenging to make a living out of indie music. And artists need to do other necessary things such as a day job.

He talks about the struggle of understanding himself and how to tackle the thoughts of his existence through the song. This song is a product of his vision where he took a break and just focused on creating the music he loves.

In my opinion, if you’re a jazz music lover then you can’t help falling in love with this beautifully experimented music video.

Author : Esha Pardeshi

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