Mona Patel Takes You Out With Her Latest Release – Take Me Home

Article by – Poorvi Naithani

We’ve all been stuck within the walls of our homes for way too long. But not anymore. Australia-based singer-songwriter Mona Patel takes you on an exciting and classic pre-covid night, the kind where you couldn’t stop dancing your heart out, with her latest release – Take Me Home. 

Take Me Home is a track about reliving those youthful days and just having a great time. Remember the night you went out with your friends and danced like nobody’s watching? Or the time you had a nice conversation with a stranger at a bar? This is exactly what Mona’s latest release reflects. In her words, with this track, she wanted to create something that reminds people of the best night of their life. 

With a background in contemporary jazz, and the curiosity to explore and grow within other genres, Mona’s powerful vocals shine through in this pop/EDM track. But unlike most pop/EDM tracks, the song takes a minimalistic approach during the chorus accompanied by Mona power packed vocals and a very distinct and memorable melody. The chorus makes a smooth transition to the second verse and leaves one with the words ‘make me yours tonight’ stuck in their head for days. 

The simple songwriting combined with producer Michael Le Donn conventional electronic style helped bring Mona’s vision for this song to life. The songstress usually writes based on personal experiences, and she intended for this song to be something everyone resonates with! 

Mona has always been the outgoing type and enjoys her fair share of dancing. This is also one of the reasons why she wanted to make an electronic/pop track. In her words, she wanted to give her listeners something they could listen to and have fun (and also make memories). 

Listen to Take me home here

Do you think this could be the next song that you dance to all by yourself in your room? And in a few months, the song you can’t stop playing at a party?

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