Bringing Pop from a different dimension, New age pop group – ‘VST’ is revolutionizing pop for all.

Article by – Esha Pardeshi

VST’s music sounds like a trip back to the early 80s where nostalgia hits hard. It’s like wandering from a dark city alleyways, under the neon lights and perhaps wingless flying cars speeding into the night! These clear set images in your mind lead you to the perfect state of re-echoing their soundtrack.

The music of VST (Vishal-Saloni-Tanushree) band has a strong influence of Synth-Wave, Art Pop and  Punk Pop which blends the iconic synths and percussion( kick-drums) from  the 1980s with the production quality of highly polished EDM. The production done by Vishal from VST is distinct in terms of beat samples. Also, the overall experience for the audience is much closer to time travel! HAHA

VST is an exclusive trio of Vishal J. Singh , Saloni Sinha and Tanushree Saha. Vishal a marvelous music producer based in Mumbai is well known for his empirical style of music creation. Saloni Sinha an extremely talented bassist who also bears skill and expertise of creative visual art and animation. Tanushree Saha a genre no bar singer, songwriter and music producer based in Bangalore has exhibited her versatile collaborations, a wide vocal range and adaptable song writing techniques through her consistent releases, also having a keen eye and interest for creating the apt videos to go along with her music.

Watch the Music Video for Multi Vitamins by VST

VST made their debut in feb-2020 through their 1st single- MULTIVITAMINS. This Music Video (MV) was a rad 80s groovy fuzzy synth wave track with an open ending video. Their 2nd single MemeQueenXOXO dropped around the same time which explored feminism with their awestrucking lyrics. It was an art pop with a complete new sound, unheard chord progressions and distinct electric tonality. And their 3rd single- ORBS OF LIGHT, communicated their experience on observing Orbs for the first time. Tanushree said to the sources, “as things looked gloomy and there was a general lack of motivation everywhere, Orbs came to rescue and showed the path to freedom, soul searching, etc. The MV is a tribute to the ORBS”.

The band has been creating 80s- sounding pop with all the hallmarks of the decade including- synth pads, retro beats, queer bass, subdued timbre, dramatic vocals, slightly wavering pitch with a time and bit of playfulness known as a SynthWave music.


VST has a significant visual presence which speaks for an esoteric quality to them. The graphics for their MV are the highlights after their sounds. Using the concept of video games and animations, they build in the cyclical analogy with an open ended video. And the credits for this stylish creation goes to Saloni backing Tanushree for her vision. It further helps them to define their band in  the competitive graph. Saloni added that she wants the world to know how high they are! LOL

VST plans to release their awaited 1st album this year. Maybe a meme themed new age music which sounds pretty exciting.

PS : VST’s undeniable series of 2020 music releases shows the promise of a REVOLUTIONARY- POP Star!

Music Video for Orbs of Light By VST

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