JYNN Drops Latest Single – ALL I NEED [prod. By 2DEGREES]

Pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer JYNN announces 6th single and its music video release!

Mumbai based singer songwriter and music producer Sudipto Banerjee aka JYNN released his independent 6th single- “All I Need” on 6th June 2021. The song is sung and written by JYNN himself ; produced, mixed and mastered by 2DEGREES. And the cover art is done by Anubhav Jain.

The uniquely styled song brings a fusion of pop and Lo-Fi into this 3:52sec song. While listening to it I got transported to an imaginary setting of a 3am- long drive with my head shaking through the drop of every hard hitting pop beat. 

The song has a very minimalist approach to it with its technical aspects. Also it fills up your surroundings with the dominant, clear vocals and dreamy , husky voice of JYNN that just brings up the aura around you with emotion and emphasis.

JYNN takes up the most intricate feelings related to one’s dreams and identity called -‘Me’.Then, embellishes them with a lo-fi vibe of mellow- keys and glossy guitar. And turns them into introspective gold.

Take the last lines of the chorus from the song:

For all I need is me and them beats complete, you know

( All  I need is me, All I need is me)”

The lyrics are uncomplicated and rhythmic like a conversation you might be having with yourself in that same setting of 3am- long drive…


With “All I Need”, JYNN attempts to deliver the optimistic side of knowing that – you got it in you to make your dreams come true. 

Watch the music video and listen to the song here –

Author – Esha Pardeshi

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