Indie Reviews: Tera Hua by Janapriyan Levine

Today, we review Janapriyan Levine’s nostalgic love melody, “Tera Hua,” 

According to the artist, the song is about “unfulfilled love,” It does an excellent job painting a picture of losing a loved one or missing someone close to your heart. The song begins with light introductions with organ and bass, and that’s definitely a fresh facet to make the track stand out and become an earworm. Vikalp’s vocals are raw and raspy, which works well for this song because the composition disguises a lot of pain and turmoil beneath the somber and calming elements. 

Overall, the track made me feel at ease immediately and ready to let the tune wash over my mood at the time. The organ and electric piano layers are tasteful, and the percussion is simple and focussed. The production is exactly where it should be – not crowding the sonic space with too many fillers. My favorite part is the chorus and the Oh-Oh-Ohs around “Tera Hua.”

The lyrics are honest at best. They talk about how one realizes they’re in love with someone, or when they miss someone who they have loved and cherish their memories deeply. Hidden deep within this song, a subdued triumph lingers long after it is over. 

It’s hard to review this song without discussing the video, which is definitely out of the box. With realtor TVs, doves flying around, lyrics gliding in, I was curious throughout to see what was coming next. It sure looks like each element in the video represented love, nostalgia, and how one would feel when yearning for their loved ones. Props to the concept and the output!

What’s the verdict? A tune that you will hum along to. And, maybe miss your loved one while listening to it – Tera Hua should be in your love playlists!

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