Indie Reviews: Tera Hua by Janapriyan Levine

Today, we review Janapriyan Levine’s nostalgic love melody, “Tera Hua,” 

According to the artist, the song is about “unfulfilled love,” It does an excellent job painting a picture of losing a loved one or missing someone close to your heart. The song begins with light introductions with organ and bass, and that’s definitely a fresh facet to make the track stand out and become an earworm. Vikalp’s vocals are raw and raspy, which works well for this song because the composition disguises a lot of pain and turmoil beneath the somber and calming elements. 

Overall, the track made me feel at ease immediately and ready to let the tune wash over my mood at the time. The organ and electric piano layers are tasteful, and the percussion is simple and focussed. The production is exactly where it should be – not crowding the sonic space with too many fillers. My favorite part is the chorus and the Oh-Oh-Ohs around “Tera Hua.”

The lyrics are honest at best. They talk about how one realizes they’re in love with someone, or when they miss someone who they have loved and cherish their memories deeply. Hidden deep within this song, a subdued triumph lingers long after it is over. 

It’s hard to review this song without discussing the video, which is definitely out of the box. With realtor TVs, doves flying around, lyrics gliding in, I was curious throughout to see what was coming next. It sure looks like each element in the video represented love, nostalgia, and how one would feel when yearning for their loved ones. Props to the concept and the output!

What’s the verdict? A tune that you will hum along to. And, maybe miss your loved one while listening to it – Tera Hua should be in your love playlists!

Manas Jha releases ‘Liberate’ featuring Warren Mendonsa and Jai Row Kavi

Concluding the ‘Trifecta’ EP, Manas Jha presents his latest track- ‘Liberate’.

Mumbai-bred and NewYork based singer-songwriter Manas Jha is back with his 3rd track titled LIBERATE from the EP ‘Trifecta’. Jhas new song in collaboration with Blackstarblues guitarist-composer Warren Mendonsa on guitars and production and Jai Row Kavi on drums, got released on 18th June 2021. 

Earlier this year, Manas Jha released two singles from the EP- Trifecta in collaboration with Keshav Dhar (Nukkad Closed) and Fuzz Culture and Siddharth Basrur (Myrooh).

At the core, Manas Jha is a rebel who always tries to address the issues related to social and psychological dilemmas. With the song ‘Liberate’, Jha has spoken about alcohol and drug abuse and also about wrestling with addiction. It challenges us to think about the decisions we make in response to our inner demons. The song is written and sung by Jha whose lyrics illustrate hopelessness that comes with addiction and how addicts sometimes fight against themselves in the pursuit of healing and recovery.

Jha’s singing style has always been inspired by the grunge sound which is the subgenre under alternative-rock genre, the sound of aggression. The sound of ‘Liberate’ has been amplified with harmonies of vocals, electric guitar, bass, and drums which truly works like a drug for the listeners. The element of interest lies in the rawness of the song where the music is ill-defined and uplifting like the tempo of the song. Personally, the composition stuck with me for its similarity to the vibe of college rock just with more gothic feelings to it HAHA!

In terms of MV, the ‘ugly’ aesthetics which is the defining part of the grunge is finely displayed. The distortion in the sound and visuals are actually complimenting the state of addicts. The MV is shot and directed by Prashant Satyam, produced by 4/4 Experiences. The trippy animation sequences are contributed by Vishwas Shah and editing+vfx by Shreyas Tatuskar. The interesting part to note is that the inspiration for visuals are taken from Gasper Noe’s cult film ‘Enter The Void’ which is enhanced with psychedelic settings to relate with the audience.

While the song is loud, the message of the song is even louder. That’s how I will conclude the song ‘Liberate’.

It’s out on all the streaming platforms, go checkout guys 🙂

Author – Esha Pardeshi

Bringing Pop from a different dimension, New age pop group – ‘VST’ is revolutionizing pop for all.

Article by – Esha Pardeshi

VST’s music sounds like a trip back to the early 80s where nostalgia hits hard. It’s like wandering from a dark city alleyways, under the neon lights and perhaps wingless flying cars speeding into the night! These clear set images in your mind lead you to the perfect state of re-echoing their soundtrack.

The music of VST (Vishal-Saloni-Tanushree) band has a strong influence of Synth-Wave, Art Pop and  Punk Pop which blends the iconic synths and percussion( kick-drums) from  the 1980s with the production quality of highly polished EDM. The production done by Vishal from VST is distinct in terms of beat samples. Also, the overall experience for the audience is much closer to time travel! HAHA

VST is an exclusive trio of Vishal J. Singh , Saloni Sinha and Tanushree Saha. Vishal a marvelous music producer based in Mumbai is well known for his empirical style of music creation. Saloni Sinha an extremely talented bassist who also bears skill and expertise of creative visual art and animation. Tanushree Saha a genre no bar singer, songwriter and music producer based in Bangalore has exhibited her versatile collaborations, a wide vocal range and adaptable song writing techniques through her consistent releases, also having a keen eye and interest for creating the apt videos to go along with her music.

Watch the Music Video for Multi Vitamins by VST

VST made their debut in feb-2020 through their 1st single- MULTIVITAMINS. This Music Video (MV) was a rad 80s groovy fuzzy synth wave track with an open ending video. Their 2nd single MemeQueenXOXO dropped around the same time which explored feminism with their awestrucking lyrics. It was an art pop with a complete new sound, unheard chord progressions and distinct electric tonality. And their 3rd single- ORBS OF LIGHT, communicated their experience on observing Orbs for the first time. Tanushree said to the sources, “as things looked gloomy and there was a general lack of motivation everywhere, Orbs came to rescue and showed the path to freedom, soul searching, etc. The MV is a tribute to the ORBS”.

The band has been creating 80s- sounding pop with all the hallmarks of the decade including- synth pads, retro beats, queer bass, subdued timbre, dramatic vocals, slightly wavering pitch with a time and bit of playfulness known as a SynthWave music.


VST has a significant visual presence which speaks for an esoteric quality to them. The graphics for their MV are the highlights after their sounds. Using the concept of video games and animations, they build in the cyclical analogy with an open ended video. And the credits for this stylish creation goes to Saloni backing Tanushree for her vision. It further helps them to define their band in  the competitive graph. Saloni added that she wants the world to know how high they are! LOL

VST plans to release their awaited 1st album this year. Maybe a meme themed new age music which sounds pretty exciting.

PS : VST’s undeniable series of 2020 music releases shows the promise of a REVOLUTIONARY- POP Star!

Music Video for Orbs of Light By VST

Mona Patel Takes You Out With Her Latest Release – Take Me Home

Article by – Poorvi Naithani

We’ve all been stuck within the walls of our homes for way too long. But not anymore. Australia-based singer-songwriter Mona Patel takes you on an exciting and classic pre-covid night, the kind where you couldn’t stop dancing your heart out, with her latest release – Take Me Home. 

Take Me Home is a track about reliving those youthful days and just having a great time. Remember the night you went out with your friends and danced like nobody’s watching? Or the time you had a nice conversation with a stranger at a bar? This is exactly what Mona’s latest release reflects. In her words, with this track, she wanted to create something that reminds people of the best night of their life. 

With a background in contemporary jazz, and the curiosity to explore and grow within other genres, Mona’s powerful vocals shine through in this pop/EDM track. But unlike most pop/EDM tracks, the song takes a minimalistic approach during the chorus accompanied by Mona power packed vocals and a very distinct and memorable melody. The chorus makes a smooth transition to the second verse and leaves one with the words ‘make me yours tonight’ stuck in their head for days. 

The simple songwriting combined with producer Michael Le Donn conventional electronic style helped bring Mona’s vision for this song to life. The songstress usually writes based on personal experiences, and she intended for this song to be something everyone resonates with! 

Mona has always been the outgoing type and enjoys her fair share of dancing. This is also one of the reasons why she wanted to make an electronic/pop track. In her words, she wanted to give her listeners something they could listen to and have fun (and also make memories). 

Listen to Take me home here

Do you think this could be the next song that you dance to all by yourself in your room? And in a few months, the song you can’t stop playing at a party?

The Sounds within No Hero

Article by Sruthi Dhulipala

Hyderabad based interdisciplinary artist and creative educator, Akhil Kodamanchili  aka ‘No Hero‘ released a song, “Call of the Void ,” an alternate prog-rock piece that transports you into an alternate world for 5:09 minutes. 

As a novice to existential and introspective music, I am writing this review from the perspective of a fresh listener – someone who’s new to the genre but is willing to explore new realms and describe them to you. If you’re like me, you should give “Call of the Void,” a try! 

The track is experimentation galore. You discover new ambiances as you progress well within the song. Whether deliberate or a happy accident, the mood progression is what makes “The Sounds Within” an intriguing stream. Akhil described his central message as “some sort of a rebellion theme, mildly doused in apathy with a blurry vision.” I could not find a better phrase to describe the hook of the track. 

The guitar strings at 2:45 – now tell me if they don’t tug at your heartstrings. And, the synthesizer samples are tastefully staggered to create a sense of deliberation and provoke anticipation in the listener’s minds. If I could place my finger on one emotion I felt throughout the song; it was a feeling of depth – into the raw emotions of a person, be it cheesy cues or the most confused thoughts; be it far-fetched fear or absolute bliss.

“No Hero” is a bold concept that sways between messages. It doesn’t narrate a story – rather, it invites you to narrate yours. Some might see this as a confusing project and some as a fresh attempt. But, I urge you to give it a shot and experience the music. Respond to the instrumental racks and the transitions between chords rather than finding a central message. 

Watch the Music Video for Call Of The Void here

What’s the final word? “Call Of The Void,” is new, absorbing, and even hints at psychedelic vibes at certain parts. The track invites the listener to join in an alternate-reality-fetish, where dilemma and deliberation are embraced or even adored.

Indie Reviews – Far Away by Luksimi

Article by Sruthi Dhulipala

May is Mental Health Month. So, let’s start the month by reviewing a track that supports and communicates the angst of those affected by mental illness. 

Far Away, by Luksimi is a heart-tugging pop melody that talks about both the good days and the bad ones. The video shows the angst of a young woman when the people she really cares about drift, far away. It talks about depression and how there’s so much going around us that might impact our mental health without us knowing. 

They say music heals – and Luksimi’s voice surely has a soothing effect. Her singing was honest and minimalistic and carried a tone of genuine concern. The harmonic layers were textured well – they came at the right places and were not overused. Pay attention to the lyrics because boy, they are sincere. The lines “I watch the skies every day searching for you, you fade away into the night like shooting stars,” speak volumes about the fear of missing someone you really care about. 

Produced by Rianjali, the composition is a subtle stack of pianos and synth chords, with a string section in between. The arrangement is simple, no grand gestures there. But, the skill lies in finding the right balance between light layers and ethereal over-the-top sections. The keys and strings shuffled between simple progressions and sustained notes. Tasteful.

What’s the final word? I’d describe Far Away as both mellow and bold at the same time. It talks about what’s important – the ups and downs of life and how it’s okay to celebrate both. But, at the same time, it explores the feeling of missing somebody you love. Watch the video here.

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