Anhad + Tanner Bring Forth A Global Sound Through Their Debut

Anhad + Tanner is a duo based out of two continents. Musician Anhad is New Delhi based and Tanner is based out of North Carolina. The duo brings together their individual inspirations in the most complimentary way – fusing the sounds of Asian underground and Indian electronica with contemporary jazz and western classical music. The debut album ‘In Other Word’ is born out of this collaborative project that saw its inception in 2016. The duo connected while working at the non-profit organization ‘Music Basti’. 

The soundscape of the debut project is inspired by artists like New Delhi electronica duo Midival Punditz, multi-instrumentalist Karsh Kale and tabla artist Talvin Singh. Anhad has drawn heavily from the Asian underground space, which he calls “undiscovered and under-discovered”, to mix with Tanner’s heavy influence of western sounds.

‘In Other Words’ is a seven-track long album with features by the likes of Kamakshi Khanna, Akanksha Grover, Saptak Chatterjee, Pavithra Chari, Aditya Balani and more, who bring in their prowess to bring the collaborative soundscape to a full circle. “In Pavithra and Soumitra, for instance, you find a more traditional approach, while Vibhor and Vinayak weave in distinct flavors of R&B and pop respectively. This range of expression reflects the versatility of Indian classical, and captures the kind of coming together of tradition and innovation which Anhad + Tanner is all about.” says the duo.

‘Jiya II’ is the first track of the album featuring Mumbai based vocalist Isheeta Chakrvarty who with her classical vocal elements sets the mood for the rest. The spacy, atmospheric sounds of ‘Haari’ come in second featuring vocals by Pavtra Chari over the waving sounds of flutes, guitars and tabla. The third track – ‘Gum’ is more electronic that brings together the sounds of tablas over electric guitar riffs. The song is elevated by the voice of Kamakshi Khanna and Vibhor Mathur’s flute playing. ‘Coming Home’ introduces the sounds of a sitar to the album. Featuring Akanksha Grover, the song travels through the sounds of instruments like tablas, pianos and guitars. ‘Asheville’ is the only instrumental track on the album based heavily on guitars that evolve into bringing a jazzy background accentuated by a sitar. ‘Naina’ is the second last track that is built around tabla, piano and sitar. Isheeta Chakrvarty lends her vocals to this song too. The album ends with the song ‘Childhood’ which features the Delhi based singer-songwriter Saptak Chatterjee as he is reminiscing about the loss of innocence and childhood.

With this album, Anhad + Tanner have set a global standard for their soundscape which makes the listeners want to look forward to more from the duo.

Author : Rushaki Ghosh

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