Manas Jha releases ‘Liberate’ featuring Warren Mendonsa and Jai Row Kavi

Concluding the ‘Trifecta’ EP, Manas Jha presents his latest track- ‘Liberate’.

Mumbai-bred and NewYork based singer-songwriter Manas Jha is back with his 3rd track titled LIBERATE from the EP ‘Trifecta’. Jhas new song in collaboration with Blackstarblues guitarist-composer Warren Mendonsa on guitars and production and Jai Row Kavi on drums, got released on 18th June 2021. 

Earlier this year, Manas Jha released two singles from the EP- Trifecta in collaboration with Keshav Dhar (Nukkad Closed) and Fuzz Culture and Siddharth Basrur (Myrooh).

At the core, Manas Jha is a rebel who always tries to address the issues related to social and psychological dilemmas. With the song ‘Liberate’, Jha has spoken about alcohol and drug abuse and also about wrestling with addiction. It challenges us to think about the decisions we make in response to our inner demons. The song is written and sung by Jha whose lyrics illustrate hopelessness that comes with addiction and how addicts sometimes fight against themselves in the pursuit of healing and recovery.

Jha’s singing style has always been inspired by the grunge sound which is the subgenre under alternative-rock genre, the sound of aggression. The sound of ‘Liberate’ has been amplified with harmonies of vocals, electric guitar, bass, and drums which truly works like a drug for the listeners. The element of interest lies in the rawness of the song where the music is ill-defined and uplifting like the tempo of the song. Personally, the composition stuck with me for its similarity to the vibe of college rock just with more gothic feelings to it HAHA!

In terms of MV, the ‘ugly’ aesthetics which is the defining part of the grunge is finely displayed. The distortion in the sound and visuals are actually complimenting the state of addicts. The MV is shot and directed by Prashant Satyam, produced by 4/4 Experiences. The trippy animation sequences are contributed by Vishwas Shah and editing+vfx by Shreyas Tatuskar. The interesting part to note is that the inspiration for visuals are taken from Gasper Noe’s cult film ‘Enter The Void’ which is enhanced with psychedelic settings to relate with the audience.

While the song is loud, the message of the song is even louder. That’s how I will conclude the song ‘Liberate’.

It’s out on all the streaming platforms, go checkout guys 🙂

Author – Esha Pardeshi

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